About us


Our Story

We created a foundation to have a positive impact on people's lives worldwide. 

To achieve this goal, we needed to finance the foundation's projects. To generate revenue to finance the foundation's projects, the company Atlantean Globals Services was born, to provide IT services, as well as through sales from our online stores.

By providing IT services and items from multiple categories through our online stores, where everyone could find what they need without having to leave our site, from the comfort and safety of their home, we found a way that will generate the finances needed to finance our foundation's goals, and pursue our mission to bring satisfaction to every life, one sale, one service, one day, at a time. 

With the heavens on our side to drive this noble cause, with the winds on our sails driven by our enthusiasm, we will manifest this reality and bring satisfaction to every life, touching every life, learning and growing as we march along together, making it right to everyone whenever and wherever possible, as we provide our services on this journey together. 


One-stop online stores 

Our one-stop online store is your unmatched source for product diversity!

We believe you are here in search of a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform with a broad range of product selection across many categories. We will help you reach your goals with less effort and maximum efficiency.

We will help you reach that goal because we can boasts of a wide range of product categories, with most products coming from Europe with reasonable shipping times. Whether you're searching for tech gadgets, home goods, fashion apparel, fitness equipment, African, European, Asiatic items, or pet supplies - you name it, we have it!


Why Choose Atlantean Globals

 Unlimited Product Selection: Our diverse catalog spans thousands of top-quality products across a multitude of categories, meaning you'll never be short of options to expand your offering, to get items that fits your budget, occasions and everyday needs.

 Reliable and verified Suppliers: We are partnered with trusted manufacturers and suppliers mostly from Europe, and from around the globe, ensuring we provide only the best to your customers. 


     Shipping:  Most, if not all of our suppliers offer worldwide shipping. 

    However, shipping to the EU & US is significantly cheaper than worldwide shipping, and it will take just five to nine days.

     Seamless Integration: Atlantean Globals integrates easily with major eCommerce platforms, making it simpler than ever to get these items on your mobile devices, providing an ever online store up and running.

     Efficient Fulfilment: working with our suppliers, we handle all the logistics, from storage and packaging to shipping and returns. With Atlantean Globals, our focus remains on providing you a growing business platform that will satisfy your shipping needs - we'll take care of the rest.

     Competitive Pricing: You will get access to quality products at competitive prices from our European suppliers, giving you plenty of room to get items that fits your budget, occasions, and everyday needs.

     24/7 Customer Support: Our dedicated suppliers have support teams available round the clock, providing immediate assistance when you need it.

    So don’t wait any longer! Join the Atlantean Globals community today and let's create your shopping success story together.



    IT Services 

    Atlantean Globals provides a wide range of technology services to businesses and individuals worldwide. Our services include e-learning platforms, website development and design, app development, social media management, IT support, digital marketing, and e-commerce solutions.

    We strive to deliver high-quality services that meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations, making use of the latest technologies and design principles, to create websites and apps that are not only visually stunning, but also highly functional and user-friendly. We prioritize performance, security, and user experience to ensure that your online presence is optimized for success.

    At Atlantean Globals, we're committed to providing exceptional service and support to help businesses and individuals succeed in today's digital age.

    Contact us today on WhatsApp below right, to learn more about our goals, services, and how we can help you achieve your technology goals.