Intellectual Property Policy

Intellectual Property Policy

We’re dedicated to protecting all intellectual property and have a detailed policy for this. Our Intellectual Property Policy outlines how we handle claims of infringement, how authorized people can report infringements on our website and apps, and how those responsible can react when their listings are reported. We’ll remove content reported for alleged intellectual property infringement if the report follows our policies. Intellectual property includes things like copyright, trademark, patent, and other properties defined by law.


Report Infringement

(1) To report IP infringement, you need to be the owner of the IP or an agent with the owner’s permission.
(2) We’ll investigate your report once we get it. Please make sure your report is honest and truthful.
(3) You need to be logged into our online IP report portal to submit a notice. Your report should include:
  • Details of the IP you think is infringed, like the registration number, description, link, and first use date.
  • Type of infringement (on the product, packaging, product image, or product text).
  • List of products infringing (product page URLs).
  • List of people infringing.
  • Any other helpful info (like order IDs for any test buys).
  • Your contact info (name, address, phone, email).
  • Any other info required by law.
(4) We might ask for more info before we process your report, like proof of the claimed right and ownership.


    Report Copyright Infringement

    (1) If you own a copyright or are authorized to act for the owner, you can report infringement through our IP Portal. Your report should include:
    • Your physical or electronic signature.
    • Details of each copyrighted work you believe are infringed.
    • Details of each infringing material to be removed or disabled, and enough info for us to find it.
    • Your contact info (address, phone, email).
    • A statement that you believe the material’s use isn’t authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.
    • A statement that the info in the notice is accurate and that you’re the copyright owner or authorized to act for them, under penalty of perjury.
    • Any other info or documents required by law.
    (2) If you wrongly claim that material is infringing, you could be liable for damages. So, if you’re unsure, get legal advice before submitting a notice.
    (3) If we accept your notice, we’ll remove the reported content and act against the responsible parties. We don’t share details of actions that aren’t already public.
    (4) Repeat Infringer Policy: We’re committed to protecting intellectual property rights and will terminate repeat infringers when appropriate.


    Response to Copyright Infringement Claim

    (1) If you think the removed material isn’t infringing or had the right to use it, you can send us a counter-notice. This should include:
    • A statement explaining why you think there was a mistake or misunderstanding.
    • Any other info or documents required by law.
    (2) If we get a counter-notice, we’ll take suitable action as per the law.


    Canceling a Report

    If you’re the owner of the intellectual property or an authorized agent who reported an infringement, you can cancel your report through email. To do this, you need to clearly state which report you’re canceling. Include your information, the intellectual property right you claimed was infringed, and the material you reported.


    Incorrect Report

    (1) We might not accept infringement reports if we think the information is false, fraudulent, incomplete, or not submitted honestly. We can also act against those who misuse this policy and the law.
    (2) If you keep submitting incorrect or fake reports, you might lose your ability to submit reports.