Product Safety Alerts

Product Safety Alerts

At Atlantean Globals Services, our customers are our top priority. If we find out about any illegal product being sold on our platform in the European Economic Area, we’ll quickly let the buyers know, as required by Article 32 of the Digital Services Act (DSA). If we don’t have the buyers’ contact details, we’ll post the necessary information about the product on this page, following the rules in Article 32 of the DSA.


Recalled Products

As per Article 32 of the DSA, we’ve listed details of recalled products below for which we don’t have all the affected users’ contact info. The information might be updated, and we’ll make sure to keep you posted in a timely way.


Means of Redress:

Customers, once you identify a product that has been identified as illegal due to a potential safety concern, please stop using the product right away and send it back for a refund.

Check our Return and Refund Policy to ask for a full refund. You might have other options under the law.

You can find out about your rights at  and