Coconut and Lime  Solid Shampoo - 90g

Coconut and Lime Solid Shampoo - 90g

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Coconut and Lime Solid Shampoo rehydrates dull or dry hair and add health and shine. Ideal for frequent use and have an exotic, fruity fragrance. It helps nourish and restore lustre for a sparkling clean result. We've blended this with refreshing essential oil for a shampoo with an invigorating fragrance, which may help to balance oily hair and to give your scalp a deeply cleansing yet gentle treatment. Our new and improved formula is made with an argan oil base and is SLS free.Hand made with essential oils and beautiful vivid colours, these soaps are ideal for traveling with no chance of spillage. Soap slices are sold wrapped in waxed paper with an ingredients label and weigh approximately 90g. PLEASE NOTE: Our soaps are hand made and the colour may slightly vary from the pictures shown.